Foodie Pen Pals September

When I came across the Foodie Pen Pal program on The Lean Green Bean and its European equivalent on This Rock Salt, I was immediately hooked with the idea of exchanging packages with food and kitchen-related items throughout Europe on a monthly basis. So I enrolled and was really excited who Iā€™d be assigned to send a package for September and who I would receive a package from. When I found out that both my partners are from England, I was very happy as I love England!

So here’s what I received from Nova from Sunderland – the perfect first FPP package, thank you again so much, Nova!

Nova put so much effort into assembling the package. I received a small letter with explanations and extra information on the items she sent me plus a lovely postcard and a recipe for Yorkshire pudding that I’d actually just read about on the day before I received the package… I haven’t tried it yet, but I will definitely do so soon.

Dairy free buttons and white buttons which I can’t wait to use on my next cake! And 3 nakd. bars which I had read about before and definitely wanted to try. One bar is missing because when Nova’s package arrived I was about to go running and really needed some energy after a long day of work.

Piri Piri, what a great and versatile spice blend! I’ve already used it in a marinade for chicken breast and a stir fry. And English tea which I am having for breakfast every morning now.

(The photo for the following items didn’t turn out well, which is why I left it out: Salt&Vinegar Potato Bites, Smoked Almonds, Roast Potato Coating)

I love salt and vinegar flavor and when I had a friend over for a couple of strawberry daiquiris, we ate almost all the potato bites and smoked almonds… I’m also really looking forward to trying the coating for roast potatoes. I told Nova that potatoes were my favorite food and she was so kind and sent me this!

If you want to know what I sent Nichola, then check her lovely blog here.

Here’s a little sneak-a-peek:

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