Foodie Pen Pals September Guest Post

As Nova doesn’t have a blog herself, I am happy to post below what she received from her Foodie Pan Pal from Brighton:

I was matched with Sandra from Brighton – in my original email describing what I liked I mentioned my diet is basically built around chicken or pasta and the fact that id rather snack than have a big meal and that I’m always on the search for new lunch ideas.

Sandra emailed back and said she was off to Berlin and would I like anything specific if anything from her trip – I said I didn’t have any preferences but if she saw something id be happy for her to send it.

My love of foodie pen pals is that the more open you are to receiving things the more likely you are to receive something you’ve never tried before and wouldn’t put it in your basket at a supermarket. This is how I first came to try and fall in love with granola and now even make my own!

Raw- goji berry and orange 75% cacao chocolate bar – I’ve always liked the idea of raw and basic food knowing what is put in your food is something I’ve recently became interested in. I immediately opened this and I loved the taste. Yum something defiantly to look put for in the future.

Vietnamese sauce – this is for chicken ill have to read the packet more thoroughly as I’m unsure whether I use this as part of a stir fry or a marinade.

German chocolates – I love trying different sweets from around the world from bacci from Italy to reeses peanut butter cups from the usa I can always find a local sweet to fall in love with.

Honey chips – something unusual I would never buy myself but can imagine them to be sweet and crunchy.

Chilli and red pepper crisps – there in my lunch bag for today, Im love with anything red pepper at the moment so these will be a winner.

Hot and spicy crackers? – The packet isn’t in English so I’m guessing what’s in this one. Something hot and spicy always goes down well as I enjoy challenging my taste buds and heat tolerance levels! Ha ha.


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